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VUBToday: Academic opening under the banner of the beauty of science

Today rector Caroline Pauwels opened Vrije Universiteit Brussels’ new academic year in a packed Henry Le Boeuf-hall at BOZAR with an opening speech that was without a doubt her most philosophical to date. ‘This earth is the only home we have,’ she kicked off, ‘If we screw up here, there is no alternative.’ It was the starting point for an ode to science, the only thing between us and the darkness surrounding us in this vast universe. Science is our ‘candle in the dark’, she said in the words of the well-known astrophysicist Carl Sagan, to consequently commend ‘the beauty, the power and the wisdom of science’ extensively. Thereby she goes against the current sentiment that everything in the world is only going downhill - even as she extensively reflected on the dangers that pose a threat to science today. (Read the entire speech from Caroline Pauwels here) read more on VUB Today