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Research domain

The circle of life

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This cluster combines VUB-research of new and older life: from birth, to procreation, to ageing and the end of once life. In this way researchers of RGRM, reproduction genetics and medical regeneration focus on a brought specter of subjects about reproduction, genetics and stem cells for therapy, Gerontopole Brussels researches the different dimensions of the ageing process of 80-plussers and the End-Of-Life Care (EOLC) research group serves as the leading research group in the domain of ‘care until the end of life’ in Belgium and Europe.


A healthy beginning

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Healthy Lifestyle

Fermented foods and intestinal health

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‘Healthy & Tasty’: The meaning of food quality

Amsab afbeeldingAccording to some experts, food has never been safer. Yet, crisis situations such as the outbreak of E. coli, the dioxin affair and mad cow disease have undermined the confidence of an ever-growing number of people.

Palliative care & The End of Life

Optimum quality of life until the end

Even though the chances of recovery of people with cancer have increased over the last few decades as a result of new treatments, today 40% of these patients still die within five years. For cancer patients, life extension is not only the designated aim of oncology and medicine. Improving the quality of life of patients and their families is equally important. For this, palliative care is the most appropriate form of care.

Gray hair, bright future: active and healthy ageing

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Live well and die well: palliative care for the elderly in European retirement homes

Populations in the European Union are rapidly ageing. An ageing society not only requires efforts to be brought to improve people's health through prevention, but also to enhance elderly people's quality of life. People need to be enabled to live well as well as die well. The proportion of the world population aged over 60 is set to double from 11 to 22%. But the number of people with dementia too is forecast to multiply by two to reach 65.7 million people by 2030, and treble to reach 115.4 million people by 2050 (source: WHO, 2011).

Research at the VUB

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