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City dynamics

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Brussels serves as an ideal base of operations, but also as an interesting testing ground for VUB-researchers. As a city it’s a nesting ground for social changes, with both positive and negative effects, but also on the architectural and historical front there is a lot to be discovered. Researchers in this cluster submerge themselves in other cities and use Brussels as a base for comparison.

Brussels as a laboratory: 'Reading' and protecting Belgian immovable heritage

The ReUse team of the VUB's Lab of Architectural Engineering [æ-lab] research group conducts research of Belgian 19th and 20th century immovable heritage in consideration of the present practice of renovation and restoration from an international perspective. Increasing numbers of researchers from a varied range of backgrounds are delving into ‘construction history’: from engineers, across architects, to archaeologists and historians.

The cradle of modernity

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A new neighborhood

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Brussels Centre for Urban Studies: Brussels and other cities under the microscope

Mobility, unemployment and poverty, housing, cultural and social diversity… Societal challenges are increasingly found to be urban challenges. The new interdisciplinary research centre 'Brussels Centre for Urban Studies' initiates and supports research on cities and the urbanisation process aimed at analysing and tackling these challenges. The Centre's focus is a global one, but it equally pays particular attention to the urban dynamic of Brussels.

Research at the VUB

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