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Environmental issues

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The environment is constantly changing , but science is not always able to see these changes. Researchers here go back in time, hoping to find the solutions to environmental issues today. Or they create new ways to make our planet green again by improving things like the efficiency of our transportation.

Global changes

The Earth: a planet in constant change

polar icePolar ice caps and glaciers are melting, hurricanes are gaining in force, rivers are flooding… climate change is making itself felt in every corner of the globe. These kinds of changes also occurred in the past, albeit spread across geological time scales, whereas now, they are seen to occur in a matter of decades.

Sustainable transport

The road to sustainable transport with a dynamic transport model for the calculation of extraneous costs

Our comprehensive transport network brings a wide range of benefits. But its extensive use also involves undesired external effects such as congestion, accidents, air pollution and noise nuisance. One way of stimulating the efficient use of transport infrastructure and to counteract these effects is to charge costs for damage – or extraneous costs– to parties that cause externalities yet fail to compensate them. This is what is seen in the case of road pricing. But what is crucial in all of this is that we are able to accurately estimate the extraneous costs of transport activities.


A port is a complex infrastructure, to put it mildly. Delivering services in and around a port involves numerous interests and stakeholders that need to be reckoned with. Europe is home to hundreds of ports where the stakeholders concerned are seen to be using different information systems to analyse and compare efficiency and performance. The PORTOPIA research project is looking to change that by introducing a streamlined information system involving indicator dash boards, in the guise of a cloud service. 

E-mobility: A upcoming world market

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Big leaps

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Research at the VUB

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