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Small particles

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From the universe to the Brout-Englert-Higgsparticles: the researchers at the HEP@VUB research center are mastering the foundations of both big and the small. HEP@VUB was founded by IIHE (InterUniversity Institute for High Energies), ELEM (Elementaire Deeltjes Fysica) & TENA (Theoretische Natuurkunde) and unites theoretical particle physics, astroparticle physics and acceleration physics. The groundbreaking research of this unique platform is renowned all over the globe.

HIGH-ENERGY PHYSICS (HEP): charting the invisible universe

From the universe down to the Brout-Englert-Higgs particle and superstrings: the researchers at the HEP@VUB research centre explore the very foundations of the infinitesimally large and the infinitesimally small. HEP@VUB unites the VUBs experimental and theoretical particle physicists. The frontier research performed by this unique platform in the field of particle astrophysics, the physics of particle collisions and theoretical high-energy physics attracts interest from around the world.

Research at the VUB

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