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Smart engineering

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Light, metals, robots, separation techniques, labs-on-chips, ... The VUB-engineers are conducting research in very diverse domains: be it ultra compact lasers and cell phones or prosthetics or the development of new drugs. Together they work for a sustainable and better world.

Separating solutions

The strong suits of order and structure for separation processes

In the chemical industry, separation is a crucial phase in the production process and in the area of quality control. Separation processes are already playing a key role in biosciences. Given the rising interest in cleaner production processes, the sustainable and rational use of raw materials and energy, the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions etc., separation techniques are only gaining in importance.

Separating & detecting liquids with smart integrated polymer devices

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Materials and light imaging

Using metal nanoparticles on the road towards a new generation of durable metals

The paucity of raw materials is a major challenge for the world of modern technology. The same applies to materials in general and metals in particular. Moreover, demand for metals for high-tech applications such as solar panels, wind turbines, computer chips and mobile phones is rising. Metal recycling and the recovery of metals from waste flows may be part of the solution, but it is important that we seek to extend the service life of metal products and raise material efficiency as ancillary steps.

Light in the spotlight

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Unseen light profits thanks to carbon-based materials

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Man & Robot

The world of robotics is no longer something seen only in science fiction films. Robots have been part and parcel of manufacturing processes for decades and are now also starting to gain a foothold in health care and households.

Research at the VUB

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