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Kwaliteit en kwaliteitszorg zijn basisbegrippen in het wetenschappelijk onderzoek aan de Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Dat blijkt onder meer uit het aantal publicaties van onze vorsers in wetenschappelijke tijdschriften met hoge impact. Deze webpagina benadrukt piekprestaties die ver boven het gemiddelde liggen.


Current European Research Council (ERC) Consolidator Grants:

  • Rouslan Efremov, Methodological developments for time-resolved single particle cryo-EMs (Ti-EM) (Granted via VIB)
  • Han Remaut, Bacterial Amyloid Secretion: Structural Biology and Biotechnology (BAS-SBBT) (Granted via VIB)
  • Peter Schelkens, Sparse Signal Coding for Interference-based Imaging Modalities (INTERFERE)

Current European Research Council (ERC) Advanced Grants:

  • Mireille Hildebrandt, CoHuBiCoL: Counting as a Human Being in the Era of Computational Law
  • Gert Desmet, Arranging the Particles: Step Changing Chemical Measurement Technology (PRINTPACK)

Current European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grants:

  • Krijn De Vries, RadNu: Radio detection of the PeV - EeV cosmic-neutrino flux
  • Luc Baeyens, Neogenesis of new functional Beta Cells through Modulation of Neurogenin-3 Expression to provide Regenerative Therapy for Diabetes Patients (Neobetacell)
  • Wim De Malsche, Exploiting vortices to suppress dispersion and reach new separation power boudaries (EVODIS)
  • Stijn Buitink, Searching for the Origin of Cosmic Rays and Neutrinos with LOFAR (LOFAR)
  • Mathieu Vinken, Connexin and pannexin channels as drug targets and biomarkers in acute and chronic liver disease (CONNECT)
  • Bram Vanderborght, Series-Parallel Elastic Actuators for Robotics (SPEAR)

Current Methusalem fellows:

Current Odysseus fellows - type I:

  • Ilse Rooman, De-convolution of tumour biology in the post-genomic era: focus on pancreatic cancer

Current Odysseus fellows - type II:

  • Luc Baeyens, Regenerative Therapy for Diabetes through Cytokine Treatment and Modulation of Gmnn/Neurog3 signalling
  • Carole Bernard, Quantitative Risk Management under Scenario Constraints: Risk aggregation, Dependence, and Systemic risk

Current Senior Research Fellowships:

  • Nathalie Vermeulen, Nonlinear optics in 2D-material-covered photonic chips at ultra-short timescales and wavelengths
  • Steven Lowette, Hidden Valleys in the Landscape of New Physics at the LHC
  • Bart de Boer, Advanced computer modelling for studying evolution of speech
  • Peter Tompa, Exploring the mechanism of action of intrinsically disordered chaperones
  • Mathieu Vinken, Connexins and pannexins as drug targets and biomarkers of liver disease
  • Eline Menu, Overcoming micro-environment induced drug resistance in MM by targeting exosomes and NKT cells
  • Noshin Omar, Experimental characterization and numerical modeling techniques for rechargeable energy storage systems for vehicle applications
  • Mireille Hildebrandt, Interfacing Law and Technology Under the Rule of Law
  • Nick van Eijndhoven, Astroparticle Physics with the IceCube Neutrino Observatory and beyond
  • Sebastiaan Eeltink, Highly-ordered three-dimensional nanostructures to support post-genomic biotechnology in health and nutrition
  • Franky Bossuyt, The evolution of courtship behavior in salamandrid newts: from ecology to molecules
  • Han Remaut, Structural biology of bacterial cell surfaces
  • Kris Boudt, Multi-regime models to analyze financial risk and their application to the design of investment solutions
  • Kim Roelants, Tracing the evolution of antimicrobial activity in amphibian peptide families using ancient peptide resurrection
  • Dimitrios Aggelis, Development of innovative methodology for advanced characterization of damage status of structures based on acoustic methods
  • Ivan Markovsky, Structured low-rank approximation: theory, algorithms, and applications
  • Karen Celis, Substantive Representation of Social Groups: Normative Theory, Empirical Research and Methods
  • Steffen Ducheyne, Revisiting Eighteenth-Century Scientific Methodology: Historical cum Systematic Study of Scientific Methodology after Newton
  • Freya Blekman, Search for new physics in events with leptons, jets and missing transverse energy at the Large Hadron Collider
  • Marinee Chuah, Development of novel gene and cell therapy approaches based on induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS) and adult stem cells
  • Erik Franckx, The transformation of actors in the international law of the sea
  • Guy Verschaffelt, Characterization, modelling and applications of novel semiconductor lasers
  • Leonardus van Grunsven, Analysis of HDAC repressor complexes with a function during liver fibrosis
  • Patrick Vanderheyden, Experimental models to study angiotensin receptors in the renin-angiotensin system
  • Remy Loris, Structural biology and biophysics of persistence: Bacterial TA modules

(last update 01.02.2019)


Publicaties in Nature en Science

Recente publicaties in Nature en Science, de twee grootste high impact tijdschriften

Onderzoek aan de VUB

Zoek hier projecten, publicaties, onderzoekers, teams,...



  • Re-evaluating the p7 viroporin structure, ..., Claridge JK, ..., NATURE 562 (7727): E8-E18 OCT 18 2018 (letter, team)
  • Plant functional trait change across a warming tundra biome, ..., Kaarlejärvi E, ..., NATURE 562 (7725): 57-+ OCT 4 2018 (article, team)
  • Rapid recovery of life at ground zero of the end-Cretaceous mass extinction, ..., Claeys P, ..., Vellekoop J, ..., NATURE 558 (7709): 288-+ JUN 14 2018 (article, team)
  • Molecular nucleation mechanisms and control strategies for crystal polymorph selection, ..., Van Gerven N, ..., Sleutel M, NATURE 556 (7699): 89-+ APR 5 2018 (article, team)
  • Structures of β-klotho reveal a ‘zip code’-like mechanism for endocrine FGF signalling, ..., Pardon E,  Steyaert J, ..., NATURE 553 (7689): 501-+ JAN 25 2018 (article, team)
  • Synchrotron scanning reveals amphibious ecomorphology in a new clade of bird-like dinosaurs, ..., Stein K, ..., NATURE 552 (7685): 395-+ DEC 21 2017 (article, team
  • Structure of PINK1 in complex with its substrate ubiquitin, ..., Pardon E, ...,  Steyaert J, ..., NATURE 552 (7683): 51-+ DEC 7 2017 (article, team)
  • Measurement of the multi-TeV neutrino interaction cross-section with IceCube using Earth absorption, The IceCube Collaboration, NATURE 551 (7682): 596-+ NOV 30 2017 (article, team)
  • Quantitative microbiome profiling links gut community variation to microbial load, Doris Vandeputte, ..., D’Hoe K, ... , raul Y. Tito, ..., NATURE 551 (7681): 507-+ NOV 23 2017 (article, team)
  • Selective depletion of uropathogenic E. coli from the gut by a FimH antagonist, Spaulding  CN, ..., Ruer S, ..., Remaut H, ..., NATURE 546 (7659):528-+ JUN 22 2017 (articleteam)
  • Drivers of salamander extirpation mediated by Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans, Stegen  G, ..., Bossuyt F, ..., NATURE 544 (7650):353-+ APR 20 2017 (articleteam)
  • Whole-genome landscape of pancreatic neuroendocrine tumours, Scarpa A, ..., Rooman I, ..., NATURE 543 (7643):65-+ MAR 2 2017 (articleteam)
  • Human gut microbes impact host serum metabolome and insulin sensitivity, Pedersen HK, ..., Hildebrand F, ..., Raes J, ..., NATURE 535 (7612): 376-+ JUL 21 2016 (articleteam)
  • Allosteric nanobodies reveal the dynamic range and diverse mechanisms of G-protein-coupled receptor activation, Staus, DP, ..., Pardon E, Steyaert J, ..., NATURE 535 (7612): 448-+ JUL 21 2016 (articleteam)
  • Allosteric coupling from G protein to the agonist-binding pocket in GPCRs, DeVree BT, ..., Pardon E, Steyaert J, ..., NATURE 535 (7610): 182-+ JUL 7 2016 (articleteam)
  • Host-microbe interaction: Rules of the game for microbiota, Faust K, Raes J, NATURE 534(7606): 182–183 JUN 9 2016 (editorial materialteam)
  • Early Neanderthal constructions deep in Bruniquel Cave in southwestern France, Jaubert J, Verheyden S, ..., NATURE 534 (7605): 111-+ JUN 2 2016 (articleteam)
  • Plankton networks driving carbon export in the oligotrophic ocean, Guidi L, Chaffron S, ..., Raes J, ..., NATURE 532 (7600): 465-+ APR 28 2016 (articleteam)
  • A large light-mass component of cosmic rays at 10(17)-10(17.5) electronvolts from radio observations, Buitink S, ..., Scholten O, ..., NATURE 531 (7592): 70-+ MAR 3 2016 (articleteam)
  • Disentangling type 2 diabetes and metformin treatment signatures in the human gut microbiota, Forslund K, ..., Hildebrand F, ..., Raes J, ..., NATURE 528 (7581): 262-+ DEC 10 2015 (articleteam)
  • Structural insights into mu-opioid receptor activation, Huang W, ..., Laeremans T, ..., Steyaert J, ..., NATURE 524 (7565): 315-+ AUG 20 2015 (articleteam)
  • Propagation of conformational changes during mu-opioid receptor activation, Sounier R, ..., Steyaert JLaeremans T, ..., NATURE 524 (7565): 375-+ AUG 20 2015 (articleteam)
  • Observation of the rare B-s(0)->mu(+)mu(-) decay from the combined analysis of CMS and LHCb data, Blekman FBlyweert SD'Hondt JDaci NHeracleous NKeaveney JLowette SMaes MOlbrechts APython QStrom DTavernier SVan Doninck WVan Mulders PVan Onsem GPVillella I (CMS Collaboration), NATURE 522 (7554): 68-U146 JUN 4 2015 (articleteam)
  • Architecture and conformational switch mechanism of the ryanodine receptor, Efremov RG, Leitner A, Aebersold R, Raunser S , NATURE 517 (7532): 39-U72 JAN 1 2015 (articleteam)
  • Structural and mechanistic insights into the bacterial amyloid secretion channel CsgG, Goyal P, ..., Van Genven N, ..., Van den Broeck I, ..., Jonckheere W, ..., Remaut H, NATURE 516 (7530): 250-+ DEC 11 2014 (articleteam)
  • Low investment in sexual reproduction threatens plants adapted to phosphorus limitation, Fujita Y, Venterink HO, ..., NATURE 505 (7481): 82-86 JAN 2 2014 (articleteam)
  • Activation and allosteric modulation of a muscarinic acetylcholine receptor, Kruse AC, ..., Pardon E, ..., Steyaert J, ..., NATURE 504 (7478): 101-106 DEC 5 2014 (article,team)
  • Richness of human gut microbiome correlates with metabolic markers, Le Chatelier E, ..., Hildebrand F, Falony G, ..., Raes J, ..., NATURE 500 (7464): 541-546 AUG 29 2013 (articleteam)
  • Research evaluation: Flanders overrates impact factors, Stroobants K, Godecharle S, Brouwers S, NATURE 500 (7460): 29-29 AUG 1 2013 (articleteam)
  • Conformational biosensors reveal GPCR signalling from endosomes,Irannejad R,..., Steyaert J, ..., NATURE 495 (7442): 534-538 MAR 28 2013 (articleteam)
  • Eemian interglacial reconstructed from a Greenland folded ice core, Dahl-Jensen D, ...,Huybrechts P, ..., Rybak O, ..., NATURE 493 (7433): 489-494, JAN 24 2013 (article,team)
  • A metagenome-wide association study of gut microbiota in type 2 diabetes, Qin JJ, ...,Raes JFalony GOkuda S, ..., NATURE 490 (7418): 55-60 OCT 4 2012 (article,team)
  • Deep carbon export from a Southern Ocean iron-fertilized diatom bloom, Smetacek V, ..., Savoye N, ..., NATURE 487 (7407): 313-319 JUL 19 2012 (articleteam)
  • SbsB structure and lattice reconstruction unveil Ca2+ triggered S-layer assembly,Baranova E, Fronzes R, Garcia-Pino AVan Gerven N, Papapostolou D, Pehau-Arnaudet G, Pardon ESteyaert J, Howorka S, Remaut H, NATURE 487 (7405): 119 JUL 5 2012 (articleteam)
  • A framework for human microbiome research, Methe BA, ..., Faust K, ..., Raes J, ..., NATURE 486 (7402): 215-221 JUN 14 2012 (articleteam)
  • An absence of neutrinos associated with cosmic-ray acceleration in gamma-ray bursts, Abbasi R, ..., Bose D, ..., Brayeur L, ..., Buitink S, ..., Casier M, ..., De Clercq C, ..., Kunnen J, ..., Labare M, ..., Rizzo A, ..., Strahler EA, ..., van Eijndhoven N, ..., NATURE 484 (7394): 351-354 APR 19 2012 (articleteam)
  • Crystal structure of the beta(2) adrenergic receptor-Gs protein complex, Rasmussen SGF, DeVree BT , Zou YZ, Kruse AC, Chung KY, Kobilka TS, Thian FS, Chae PS,Pardon E, Calinski D, Mathiesen JM, Shah STA, Lyons JA, Caffrey M, Gellman SH,Steyaert J, Skiniotis G, Weis WI, Sunahara RK, Kobilka BK, NATURE 477 (7366): 549-U311 SEP 29 2011 (articleteam)
  • Crystal structure of the FimD usher bound to its cognate FimC-FimH substrate, Phan G, Remaut H, Wang T, Allen WJ, Pirker KF, Lebedev A, Henderson NS, Geibel S, Volkan E, Yan J, Kunze MBA, Pinkner JS, Ford B, Kay CWM, Li HL, Hultgren SJ, Thanassi DG, Waksman G, NATURE 474 (7349): 49-U71 JUN 2 2011 (articleteam)
  • Enterotypes of the human gut microbiome, Arumugam M, Raes J, et al., NATURE 473 (7346): 174-180 MAY 12 2011 (articleteam)
  • Melt-induced speed-up of Greenland ice sheet offset by efficient subglacial drainage, Sundal AV, Shepherd A, Nienow P, Hanna E, Palmer S, Huybrechts P, NATURE 469 (7331): 521-524, JAN 27 2011 (letterteam)
  • Structure of a nanobody-stabilized active state of the beta(2) adrenoceptor, Rasmussen SGF, Choi HJ, Fung JJ, Pardon E, Casarosa P, Chae PS, DeVree BT, Rosenbaum DM, Thian FS, Kobilka TS, Schnapp A, Konetzki I, Sunahara RK, Gellman SH, Pautsch A, Steyaert J, Weis WI, Kobilka BK, NATURE 469 (7329): 175-180, JAN 13 2011 (articleteam)
  • A human gut microbial gene catalogue established by metagenomic sequencing, Qin JJ , Li RQ , Raes J, et al., NATURE 464 (7285): 59-U70 MAR 4 2010 (articleteam)

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